Auto-Migration of your Saved Constructions

What was the change to Desmos Geometry?

We are always working to refine our calculator tools and expand their capabilities. Sometimes this means fixing bugs, other times it means adding new features, and, at other times, it means creating brand new and improved versions of our tools.

In May 2023, we released the next generation of Desmos Geometry that now has the power of the graphing calculator built in (you can read more on our blog). Previously, you could still load the original Geometry Tool and work on old saved constructions there. Now, you can load the old constructions in our new Geometry Tool.

What is auto-migration?

When you are logged in on, you can access all of your saved constructions. If you open a construction that you started in the old geometry tool, you'll see a message that says: "'Construction Title' was auto-migrated from the old geometry tool. Learn more." This just means that we moved the construction from the old tool to the new one. You can continue working on it and save it just as you would any other construction.

Image of an equilateral triangle construction with toast that reads Example Auto-Migration was auto-migrated from the old geometry tool. Learn more. Screenshot.

What if I have questions?

If you have any questions about your construction that was auto-migrated or about the new geometry tool, please reach out to us at