How to Practice with Desmos Calculators on your Exam

Desmos Testing Calculator vs. Desmos Calculator

At, you can access Desmos testing calculators with slightly different features than the Calculator Tools found at The testing calculator is meant to mimic the configurations offered in national and international assessments that embed our calculator tools on their exams. Some common differences users see in the testing calculator include item options, keypad layout, and default angle mode.

Testing calculator items menu shown on right hand side. Graphing calculator items menu shown on right hand side.

The item options in our testing calculators often have images, folders, and notes disabled.

Alphabetical keypad on top. Qwerty keypad on bottom.

The keypad is often laid out alphabetically instead of the qwerty layout of most keyboards.

Testing calculator settings on right hand side. Graphing calculator settings on left hand side.

The default angle mode is often set to degrees instead of radians.

Learn More about your Exam

At the top of, there's an option to choose your assessment and practice with the exact calculator on your exam. To learn more about the settings on the testing calculator for your exam, you can visit You can find your exam either by typing in the search bar at the top or clicking on your state. From there, you can access pdfs explaining the differences between the calculator on your assessment and the Desmos calculators (as seen at

Screenshot of circling choose assessment next to with North Carolina emphasized.


Here, we'll use North Carolina's assessment calculators as an example. North Carolina uses three different calculators based on grade level: graphing calculator, scientific calculator, and four function calculator. At the top of the pdf, you can see what calculators are used based on grade level.

Header of North Carolina's Assessments pdf showing the different calculators used by each grade level.


Next, the pdf breaks down the differences between each calculator. Starting with the graphing calculator, you'll notice in the first three columns the three differences we noted above (images, folders, and notes; keypad; and default angle mode) followed by other differences such as disabled advanced trig, stats, anf geometry functions in the testing calculator.

Graphing Calculator Features table showing the differences between the testing calculator and the standard calculator.


It then lists the differences in the scientific and four function calculators. To see the differences in practice, you can access your testing calculator online at or or with our Test Mode app.

Scientific and Four Function Calculator Features table showing the differences between the testing calculators and the standard calculators.


If you have any questions, please let us know at If you want Desmos on your assessment, reach out to us at