What browsers does Desmos support?

Desmos engineers develop, test, and monitor our calculators and activities in four major modern internet browsers. It doesn’t mean that Desmos won’t run at all elsewhere, but our efforts are centralized to these four browsers.  If your browser is unsupported, try installing the latest version of one of these four browsers listed below -- they’re all free!  If you are in a setting where you aren’t able to install new software on your devices, ask your IT department about upgrading the browsers on your devices.

Desmos is committed to supporting the two most recent versions of the following major modern browsers:

What about Internet Explorer and other older browsers?

Older web browsers don't always have the same capabilities, which causes three kinds of problems:

  1. Some features just don't work at all.
  2. Many features will work, but will be much slower or less responsive.
  3. It requires a lot of time to keep every new feature working on older browsers, and limits what we can do.

We think that time is better spent improving the experience for users on the browsers that work best with the Desmos calculators because they support the latest technologies.

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