Introduction to Computation Layer

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Introduction to Computation Layer

Once you’ve started creating your own Desmos activities, you may want to add more functionality through our Computation Layer (“CL”).

CL is the code that allows the different components within our activities to “talk” to one another. It’s the glue that holds activities together. It lets you connect representations, customize content, and provide dynamic, interpretive feedback.

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Computation Layer Documentation

Your first resource for learning about CL is our Computation Layer Documentation. Here you will find indexed, searchable code with built-in examples linked directly to a Desmos Activity.

This is the place to start learning about Sources, Sinks, and other CL basics (Getting Started), reference sources and sinks that work for specific Components, and progress into more Advanced interactions using our guides.

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Computation Layer Monthly Newsletter

Sign up for our Computation Layer Monthly Newsletter where our CL team shares tips and tricks to help you improve your CL skills!

This is also where you can learn about new features, where you might see them used in Desmos activities, and how to make use of them in your own custom activities.

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Check out our Computation Layer YouTube Playlist with webinars, feature tutorials, how-to’s, and more. Hours of video content, hosted by our Desmos CL experts, are waiting to help you imagine how to use Computation Layer in the most effective ways.

Computation Layer Discussion Forum

Discover a neat hack? Got a question for other CL users? Join the Discussion Forum to interact with others using and learning CL.

Come with questions you want answered. Stay to help others and build the CL community!

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Every month we post a new Computation Layer challenge! Search the #MatchMyCL hashtag on Twitter or our Desmos Educators’ Facebook Group to see the current challenge and the many creative ways teachers met that challenge.

Keep an eye out for new challenges and participate yourself!

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Have a question for us? Contact our CL team.

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