Copy Previous Graphs in Activity Builder

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Are you working in Activity Builder and want to reuse a graph from a previous screen? We’re guessing that you don’t want to recreate that entire graph from scratch. There are three ways to copy it over to a new screen:

1. Copy/Paste Entire Screen

You can copy and paste an entire screen, and then delete the components that you don’t want to use from your pasted screen.

Use your browser’s “Edit” menu, or keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste (Command/Control C to copy, Command/Control V to paste).

Copy and Paste a Screen in Activity Builder. Animated.


2. Edit the Screen in the Desmos Graphing Calculator

Edit Graph On Desmos Higlighted in Activity Builder Graph. Screenshot.

Scroll to the bottom of a graph’s expression list in Activity Builder and click “Edit Graph on Desmos.”

Share Your Graph from Desmos Calculator. Screenshot.

Copy the URL of your graph from the Desmos Graphing Calculator

Graph Imported Dialogue in Activity Builder. Screenshot.

Paste it in any expression of your new graph in Desmos Activity Builder. The new graph in Activity Builder will populate with the contents of the graph from the Graphing Calculator!

3. Computation Layer

Perhaps the graph you want to replicate relies on student input from the activity? Desmos Computation Layer will still allow the contents of the graph to be copied to another screen! Use the instructions and code below, and see an example of it in action here.

Pro Tip: Your new graphing calculator screen may be blank in your editing view. But you’ll see that it worked when you check the Student Preview!

Computation Layer Instructions

  1. Name the old graph (e.g. graph1).
  2. Add it as a background layer on a new graph using the script: background: graphLayer(graph1.calculatorState).
  3. Use bounds: graph1.bounds in the script so that you're seeing the same part of the graph.
  4. Turn off the grid on the new screen.
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