Calculator Help Menu

Got a calculator question? In the Desmos Graphing Calculator you can click the question mark icon in the top right corner to get access to our Help Menu.

Tours, Resources, and Support



Click on one of our Tours to receive a step-by-step, interactive walk-through of some of our most popular features. Tours are great for beginners, including students who are using the Desmos graphing calculator for the first time.



Resources provides a direct link to a video playlist that will help you learn the Desmos graphing calculator better, as well as a link to the Desmos User Guide, a downloadable PDF that allows offline accessibility to learn the features of the Desmos Graphing Calculator. Resources also features a pop-up window that includes our most popular Keyboard Shortcuts to make your graphing as efficient as possible!


The Calculator Help Menu also provides a way to reach out to Desmos Support directly. Click on Email our Support Team to submit questions that weren’t answered in Tours and Resources!

Calculator Help Menu Pop Up Window. Screenshot.

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