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Looking for an activity on a specific topic or wondering how to find the best activities for your classroom in general?

We’ve got some tips to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!



Start With Popular or Featured Activities

Search through our Most Popular or Featured Collections from the top of the left sidebar on to find our most sought-after activities.

Our most popular activities have been gathered in Featured Collections. Click on those brightly-colored links on each activity page to investigate similar activities!

Marble Slides: Lines Activity. Screenshot.



The Search Feature

Initially, the search bar at the top of restricts results to activities that are created by Team Desmos or are part of our Featured Collections.

As your collection of activities grows, the search bar at will expand to include activities you’ve created, collaborated on, added to your own custom collections, and the 200 most recent sessions in your Dashboard History.

Linear Search Results. Screenshot.



Social Media

Find activities created by other teachers by joining our Desmos Educators Facebook Page. You can peruse what’s been shared already or ask for recommendations on the best activities for certain topics.

Desmos Educators Facebook Page Banner.  Screenshot.

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