Geometry Tool

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The Desmos Geometry Tool is a dynamic, interactive workspace that allows for explorations in measurement, construction, transformations and more! Start with the video to the right, then get in shape with the tips below!


Geometry Menu With Measurement Options Showing. Screenshot.

Use the Select tool to select an object you create in the workspace. You can choose to label measurements based on the type of object. You can measure the length of segments, area and perimeter of polygons, or degrees of an angle.

Geometry Constructions Showing Areas. Screenshot.

Use this measurement feature to help students see patterns and discover relationships in Geometry!

Dynamic Triangle With Angle Measures. Animated.

Measurements are dynamic and adjust themselves as the shapes change. Students can discover further relationships with this type of interactivity.


Use More Tools to access our Constructions menu. Choose a compass, create parallel or perpendicular lines, or find midpoints.

Dynamic Geometry Construction For Midpoint. Animated.

Use these construction features and the dynamic nature of the Desmos Geometry Tool to enhance student understanding of traditional compass-and-straightedge constructions.

Dynamic Parallel Lines With Transversal And Alternate Exterior Angles Measured. Animated.

The dynamic Desmos Geometry workspace can partner with these construction tools to allow students to discover relationships in angle measures.


The Transform menu allows for reflections, translations, rotations, and dilations. Each tool walks you through how to use it once selected!

Equilateral Triangle Rotated To Form Hexagon. Animated.

Show students how a regular hexagon can be constructed using repeated 60-degree rotations of an equilateral triangle.

Traingle Dilated to many iterations. Screenshot.

Scale a figure repeatedly—from a single transformation.

Save and Share Your Work

Geometry Sign In Options. Screenshot.

Click the three horizontal bars in the top left corner to access a menu that lets you sign-in, see all of your saved constructions, and visit examples created by the Desmos faculty!

Geometry Create New Account. Screenshot.

You can create a new account from this menu, or log in to your existing Desmos account.

Title New Construction In Geometry. Screenshot.

Give each saved construction a title, based on the topic, content, or unit of study. Each Desmos Geometry construction has a unique URL that you can copy and share with others!

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