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Organize activities on with collections! Whether you are sequencing activities for your classes or saving activities to reference in your own activity building, collections can help you quickly organize and keep track of all your favorite activities.

Start off by exploring our Featured Collections on We have curated some of our best activities into collections of some of the most popular topics like Linear Systems, Distance Learning, Elementary, and more.

Want to see what’s new? Scroll down to our Recently Released Activities featured collection. Also, be sure to check out our featured collection of Starter Screens that you can use when editing your own custom activities.

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Creating Your Own Collections

Conics Collection With Add Collection Activated. Screenshot.

You can add an activity or collection to another collection by pressing the + button in the upper right corner. Adding a collection to another collection can help you stay organized when dealing with lots of activities. For example, you might make collections for the activities in each unit of a course and then add those unit collections to a course level collection.

Edit Collection With Add Section. Screenshot.

Edit a collection to reorder content, organize your activities into sections, and add descriptions.

Collection With Add To Side Bar Highlighted. Screenshot.

If you’re using a collection frequently, you can pin it to your sidebar to quickly access it from your teacher homepage. You can always un-pin the collection later.

Finding and Sharing Your Collections

Find a collection that you like? Share it with a colleague, and they can add it to their own collection of activities. Don’t worry - teachers can’t make any edits to a collection owned by another teacher or by Desmos. If you edit your own collection that someone else has saved, they will see the changes, though!

Access your collections from the left-hand sidebar on Collections you’ve added from colleagues and Featured Collections by Desmos are pinned at the top of your Collections page, and your custom collections are listed beneath those in alphabetical order.

Conics Collections With Share Collection Highlighted. Screenshot.

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