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Before some new features are fully integrated into the Desmos Classroom experience, they are introduced through Desmos Labs. With Desmos Labs, users can opt-in to using these newer features in their activities and classes while they are still in Beta testing.

Accessing Desmos Labs Features

Drop Down Menu On Teacher Dot Desmos Dot Com With Desmos Labs Highlighted. Screenshot.

Click on the drop-down menu beneath your name in the top left corner of to access Desmos Labs.

Enabled Features On Desmos Labs Page. Screenshot.

At the top of the Desmos Labs page, you’ll see features that were formerly in Beta testing that are now a standard part of the Desmos Classroom experience.

Desmos users are automatically opted in to these features.

Desmos Labs Page Showing Features You Can Opt In To. Screenshot.

Beneath the features enabled for everyone, are Beta features you can opt-in to. Simply check the box next to every feature that you want to include in your activities!

Note that Beta features may be changed or removed.

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