Archiving Desmos Classes

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How can I archive a class?

Manage Classes, archive class. Screenshot.

From the Manage Classes page, choose the class you want to archive and select “Archive class” from the dropdown menu.

Manage Classes, archive class section at the bottom of the screen. Screenshot.

You can view all the classes you’ve archived at the bottom of the page, and unarchive classes at any time.


How can I access archived activities?

Activity History, view archive sessions. Screenshot.

From the Dashboard History page, click on “View archived sessions” in the top right.

Activity History,  archive sessions. Screenshot.

From there, you’ll be able to access activity dashboards and all associated student work. To refine your search, use the dropdown menu to filter your activity history by class. You can choose to filter by as many classes as you’d like.

Why should I archive my classes?

Archiving classes that are no longer in use helps to prepare you and your students’ workspaces for the school year to come. Cleaning up old classes will ensure that relevant classes and activities are easy to access, and the rest will be tucked away for when you need them.

We recommend creating new classes for each school year.

Should I archive or delete?

As a rule of thumb, if a class or session is no longer in use but contains student work that you’d like to preserve or return to at some point, we recommend archiving it.

Deleting Classes

You can click on an individual class or session from the “Archived” section on the Manage Classes page to delete it.

This will completely remove it from the page, and neither you nor your students will be able to access it. Once a class or session is deleted, it cannot be undone.

Archived Classes, Delete Class option.  Screenshot.

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