FAQs: Desmos Math Tools and Activities

Check out the most commonly asked questions answered by Desmos' Support Team! Still not the answer you're looking for? Reach out to us by submitting a ticket or emailing us at support@desmos.com.

Desmos graph shown on tablet, phone, and laptop. Screenshot.

Graph FAQs

Laptop with graph of an Octopus. Screenshot.

Student Graph FAQs

Desmos students in classroom. Illustration.

Classroom Activity FAQs


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How do I set up a free account for Desmos Calculator Tools?

What is Desmos Test Mode?

What Accessibility Features does Desmos offer?

What browsers does Desmos support?

Privacy and Student Data FAQs

Which Desmos URLs should you allowlist?

Does Desmos work on Android 4.4 and earlier?


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