Desmos Art

Did you know that the Desmos graphing calculator is a fantastic tool for making art? That’s right, art! For an increasingly large number of people, it has become a canvas and outlet for creativity. This desmos art takes on many forms: from geometric patterns to architectural scenes, to renderings of famous paintings, to self-portraits and beyond. The one thing these graphs all have in common is that they are made entirely of graphed mathematical expressions.

Let’s take a look at how we might graph a smiley face:

If this side of Desmos intrigues you and you’d like to start creating your own artwork, or you’re already graphing and want to do more, these resources can help:

Graphing Calculator: Getting Started
Custom Colors
Sliders and Moveable Points

If you’ve made something you’re proud of, consider sharing it! In 2022, we ran a Global Art Contest (see finalists and winners) and we are hoping to run one again soon. Until then, feel free to tag us on Twiitter, Instagram or share with us via!

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