Math Art

Introduction to Math Art

Our community of users is continually discovering new ways to use Desmos as a canvas and outlet for creativity. From geometric patterns to architectural scenes and recreations of famous paintings, Desmos art comes in various forms, all created from mathematical expressions and geometric objects.

Let’s take a look at how we might graph a boat in the Desmos Graphing Calculator:


Math Art in Geometry

The point-and-click interface of the Desmos Geometry Tool enables you to quickly start creating. Using the circle, arc, and polygon tools, you can construct shapes in just a few clicks. Additionally, incorporating transformations enables you to translate, reflect, dilate, and rotate your shapes, allowing you to build on your creation.

Let’s take a look at how we might create a fish:


Math Art in 3D

Desmos 3D adds another dimension for creativity. Many of the same strategies used in 2D, such as inequalities, restrictions, custom colors and more can be applied in 3D. A great starting place for art in 3D is utilizing the built in function ‘sphere.’ You can try out this function and start creating with the Build a Snowman quest.

Image snowman build in Desmos 3d.



Looking for more inspiration? You can find past winners from our annual Desmos Art Contest at To dive in deeper, check out our #BehindtheGraph Youtube series where we’ve highlighted the Katherine Johnson and Animal Boat Float graph below.

Image of the Katherine Johnson Graph.
Image of the Animal Boat Float  Graph.


Interested in learning more techniques to create art? These resources can help:

Getting Started: Desmos Graphing Calculator

Getting Started: Desmos Geometry

Getting Started: Desmos 3D

Getting Started: Inequalities and Restrictions

Intro to Desmos Art Youtube Playlist

Custom Colors

Extending from 2D to 3D


Sliders and Movable Points

Interested in running a Math Art event in your classroom? Check out our Desmos Math Art Teacher Guide.

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