Privacy and Student Data FAQs

The privacy of personally identifiable student information is very important to us. We are honored that our School customers choose Desmos as a trusted educational service provider and we strive to live by high data privacy and security standards. Below are some frequenty asked questions regarding our privacy policy and student privacy statement. If you have any questions about any of our policies, just send us an e-mail at or

Q. Does Desmos have a Student Data Privacy Agreement with my school?

We have data privacy agreements with school districts across several states and are happy to work with your school to get an agreement in place. Please email us at for more information.

Q. Is Desmos compliant with NY State Education Law 2-D?

Yes. Education Law 2-D is a New York state law designed to protect the personally identifiable information of students. We are happy to work with New York school districts to put Education Law 2-D compliance documents, such as data sharing agreements, into place. We reserve the right to request modifications to such compliance documents to clarify or reflect our internal compliance processes for certain requirements of Education Law 2-D, such as the return and/or the deletion of student data. Please email us at for more information.

Q. How do you protect the privacy of student data you share with third parties?

We work hard to protect your data while it’s in transit and once it’s stored. All of our sites, apps, and services use Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL) to transfer your data. We only share and store your data with trusted services that are also committed to security. We maintain a list of those services here:

We try our hardest to keep this list up to date, but we may add or subtract service providers at any time. Please contact us at to confirm our most up to date list of service providers at any given time.

Q. How will I know if you update your policies?

We make it easy to see any changes we make to our policies. We host our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Student Data Privacy Statement, and List of Third Party Services in a public github repository at These FAQs are also hosted there.

As a result, you can see both the current version of each document and a complete history of changes. In addition, we will prominently post a notice on our websites if we make any major changes to any of these policy documents. We will not necessarily notify you for small changes (e.g. modifications to the list of Third Party Services). However, you can subscribe to notifications from the github repository if you’re interested in being updated on every change.

A robust look at Desmos' Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Student Data Policy can be found at

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