Getting Started: Creating Your First Graph

When you visit the graphing calculator, you'll see a place to write expressions on the left and a grid on the right. In the first expression, you can try entering a point, like (1,3), or graphing a line, like y=2x.


Adding a New Item

Click just below an existing expression or press "enter" from an existing expression to add a new blank expression. If you'd like to add a table, folder, note, or image, press the + button in the top left. You can also add these items with keyboard shortcuts.



Using the Keypad

In the bottom left corner of the screen, you'll find a keypad button. The keypad includes buttons to quickly add anything you might need in your expression, including a menu of available functions. Everything on the keypad can also be typed on your keyboard. Check out the keyboard shortcuts to learn more about typing "pi" or "sqrt".


Adjusting the Graph Settings

In the top right corner of the graph, you'll find quick buttons to zoom in and out. You can also pinch the graph on a touch device or scroll to zoom in and out. While this method of adjusting the graph is very fun, fine tuning the window is a great way to see a precise view of the graph. You can also add axes labels, change or hide the grid, and much more. Learn more about graph settings in the graphing calculator.


Next Steps

Now that you know your way around the graphing calculator, you're ready to start graphing!

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