Google Classroom Integration

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Desmos Classes are easy to set up with Google Classroom. Import your classes from Google, choose the classes you want to use with Desmos, and then assign activities to those classes.

Note: if you haven’t yet signed in with Google on Desmos, you will need to sign out and sign back in with Google.

Google Classroom import. Screenshot.

How It Works

Google Classroom post. Screenshot.

Choose When and Where Activities are Posted

From the Posting Preferences on the Manage Classes page, you can choose between immediately posting activities to Google Classroom, posting as a draft, or not posting.

Google Classroom sync. Screenshot.

Roster Syncing With Google Classroom

From the Manage Classes page, you can see your Google Classroom roster, when your students have successfully joined an activity, and when the roster was last synced. If your Google Class has any changes, be sure to click the link to sync.

Google Classroom co-teacher sync. Screenshot.

Co-teachers Are Synced With Google Classroom

Co-teachers from your Google Classroom classes are automatically added as co-teachers for your Desmos Class. Learn more about co-teachers here.

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