Labs Feature: Student Image Upload

Sometimes it’s easier to think through a problem on paper. Enabling “Student Image Upload” allows students to upload a photo of their work into any text input.

You can enable this feature in Desmos Labs.

View of student screen with image upload icon. Screenshot.

Pro Tips


Image upload icon. Screenshot.


Look for the Image Upload Button

When the Student Image Upload feature is enabled, the image upload button will be available on every text input in activities that you assign to your Desmos Classes.

Image up load icon. Screenshot.


Upload or Take a Photo

Students can either upload images from their device or take a photo by holding their work up to the camera.

Teacher view of a students response with an image uploaded. Screenshot.


View uploaded images on the dashboard.

You can see uploaded images next to students’ responses in the dashboard. You can even snapshot images for Selecting & Sequencing. Note that images won't be shared with other students in places where students can see their classmates’ responses.

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