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Add a Note component to any screen to begin writing instructions, questions, or anything else you’d like to communicate to your students.

Note component with new math, italic, bold, link, and variable buttons. Screenshot.

Pro Tips

Formatting options. Screenshot.



Communicate in style! Apply formatting to selected text or toggle a styling button to apply to new text. Use the buttons/shortcuts again to remove your formatting.

To format math, click the square root button at the bottom of the component or type backtick ( ` ).

To bold or italicize text, use the buttons or the keyboard shortcuts Cmd+B or Cmd+I on Mac (or Ctrl+B or Ctrl+I on Windows).

Hyperlink modal. Screenshot.



Easily share links with your students. Simply highlight your desired text, click the link icon at the bottom of the component, and add the URL. To edit or remove a link, select the text again and press the link button.


Computation Layer button. Screenshot.


Computation Layer

You can interpolate Computation Layer variables into your note by pressing the { # } menu button or by typing ${. Your interpolated variables can also be styled. For more information, visit the Computation Layer documentation.

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