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Recommended Devices | How to Access the Student Homepage | Filtering the View | Navigating the Student Homepage |

Changing the Homepage Language | Teacher Feedback

Students and families can visit the mobile-friendly student homepage to view past activities and to continue opportunities to explore ideas. Students who are logged in have access to all past activities that they have either been invited to or have started. If a student joins an activity without logging in, that activity will not appear on their homepage.

Recommended Devices

While the student homepage is mobile friendly, we recommend a tablet (such as an iPad) or a laptop (such as a Chromebook or MacBook). If you are accessing activities on a smaller screen such as a cell phone, there may be some layout and usability issues. Here are some ways students can get the most out of an activity on a phone:

  • Always use full-screen mode.
  • Experiment between portrait mode and landscape mode. Different screens will work better in one mode or the other.


How to Access the Student Homepage

There are a few ways students and families can access the student homepage.

Students join your classmates! Join with class code option or an option to go to student homepage. Screenshot.


Navigate to Under the section called Using Desmos in a Classroom? students can enter a single session code to join. They can also access their student homepage by clicking on “Go to Student Homepage.”

Student homepage. Screenshot.


Navigate directly to to see the student homepage.

Sign-in options- join with class code, sign-in with google, or sign-in with desmos account. Screenshot.


Sign in with a student account.

Make sure the student is signed in with the email address used for school work. At the top, they should see their name. If this is not the correct account, they can sign out and change accounts.

Filtering the View

At the top right of the student homepage, students can use the drop-down menu to filter which activities you’d like to see by “All classes and sessions” or by a specific class.

Student homepage showing filter class options. Screenshot.


Navigating the Student Homepage

The student homepage shows a list of activities linked to that student’s account. Here, students can see the activity title, class it was assigned to, and date it was assigned.

The last column will show either “Start” or “Open.” If the student was assigned an activity and has not opened it, you will see the start button. If the student has already opened and started the activity, the open button will take the student to the activity, which will also show any annotations, explanations, or solutions the student previously answered. Depending on how the teacher left the activity, you may be able to see and interact with the entire activity, part of the activity, or none of the activity. If the teacher leaves an activity open, students can review and revise their work.

Student homepage. Screenshot.

Once you click start or open, you will enter that activity.

For more information on navigating an activity, you can read the Desmos Help Center article Student Experience in Classroom Activities.


Changing the Homepage Language

Animation showing where to locate the globe icon (top right corner), a drop down menu of all the languages available, selecting Spanish and the page switching to the Spanish translation.

By Fall 2022, all Desmos 6–8 Math Curriculum lessons will be available in Spanish. To translate the student homepage, click the small globe symbol in the top-right corner, next to the student name. While several languages appear in the drop-down menu, at this time, only some activities are available in English and Spanish. Selecting another language will only translate the student homepage, not the actual activity. While not all of our activities are translated, you can find a few free Desmos classroom activities in your language here to help get you and your students started with Desmos.


Teacher Feedback

At the top and center of the student homepage, students will find a notification if a teacher has left feedback for them. When a student clicks “Review Recent Feedback,” it will take them to the activity with the most recent feedback from a teacher. Students will be able to view feedback by clicking on the message icon. Students will be able to click on the feedback or “go to screen” to move directly to the screen the feedback is based on.

Animation showing where to locate the feedback from teacher icon (top center of screen).  Select the 'Review recent feedback' link, once clicked student is directed direclty to the activity screen with feedback.  Student then selects the feedback icon (top center of screen) to open the feedback sidebar.
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