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Desmos Fellowship


Our mission at Desmos is to help every student learn math and love learning math. But “every student” is a lot of students representing many different identities and lived experiences. Our team at Desmos is, by contrast, very small and very aware that our identities, experiences and biases limit our ability to help every student.

That's why we started the Desmos Fellowship - to invite a diverse and talented group of educators to join us in conversation and help shape our understanding of “every student” and their needs.

Desmos Fellowship group: Cohort 4. Image.

Desmos Fellowship: Cohort 4

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The Fellowship Experience

As a Desmos Fellow, we’ll fly you out on an all-expenses paid trip for a weekend of food and fellowship. You’ll participate in learning experiences led by current Desmos Fellows and the Desmos team. The weekend is collaborative and each participant shapes the learning of the group itself. At the end of Fellowship Weekend, you'll take all of those tools and ideas back to your schools and districts, energizing your own practice and that of your colleagues.

We hope the Fellowship Weekend is just the beginning of your participation in the Desmos Fellowship and your collaboration with the Desmos team.


Before Fellowship Weekend, you will:

  1. Introduce yourself on Slack (our internal chat software) to the Desmos Team and to other Desmos Fellows.
  2. Let the other Desmos Fellows know what kind of help you can offer the group and what kind of help the group can offer you.
  3. Participate in bi-weekly online chats about math, teaching and Desmos.

During Fellowship Weekend, you will:

  1. Help us learn more about the ways you support diverse students in their learning of challenging mathematics, with and without technology.
  2. Learn how our team helps teachers use our powerful technology and activities.
  3. Collaborate with other Desmos Fellows to create a resource to share with other teachers.
  4. Receive a certificate of participation for 15 hours of continuing education.
  5. Leave the Fellowship Weekend with new questions, friends and goals for the upcoming school year.

After Fellowship Weekend, you will:

  1. Receive support on the goals you set at the Fellowship Weekend, share progress towards those goals, and support other Desmos Fellows in reaching their own goals.
  2. Receive access to a diverse set of learning experiences around math, teaching and technology facilitated by the Desmos Team and Desmos Fellows. Some examples include online chats around a weekly prompt or article, webinars and summer workshops.

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