Desmos Student Accounts

Although it's not required, we suggest that students sign into a Desmos account before accessing a Desmos activity at When students sign in, they'll have the option to resume and view their work after leaving the activity.

Students can still participate in an activity without signing into their Desmos accounts but will not be able to resume their progress after they leave.

Student Welcome Screen. Screenshot.



Creating a Free Account

Students need an activity link or invitation code to create an account.

Once they have clicked that link or entered that code in, they can create an account the same way a teacher can - through an existing Google account, or by creating a new Desmos account using a different email.

Student Create Account Screen. Screenshot.



Accessing Previous Activities

If students are logged in when they visit, they will see up to ten previous activities along with a link to View More. Clicking on an activity takes them back to resume their work.

Logged-in students can also see if their teacher has left any new written feedback on previous activities.

Note that teachers may have chosen to activate Activity Permissions - students awaiting approval will be able to participate in all activities, but social features (like seeing other student responses) will be hidden until a teacher or co-teacher grants permissions.

Learn more about the student experience in activities.

Student Enter Code Prompt. Screenshot.



Student Data and Privacy

The privacy of personally identifiable student information is very important to us. Please see our Student Data Pledge for details and information about our privacy policies.

We also have data privacy agreements with school districts across several states and are happy to work with your school to get an agreement in place. Please email us at for more information.

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