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Sometimes student thinking is so interesting it needs a response. You’ve always been able to give your students verbal feedback on their work. Now you can give them written feedback as well. Type a message on any student screen. Students will see your comment and develop their mathematical ideas further.

Providing Feedback to Students

Feedback window teacher view. Screenshot.

Give feedback on the task, not the student.

Researchers like Ruth Butler have found stronger results for feedback that directs students’ attention to their task (e.g., “Remember that you can try positive and negative numbers.”) instead of to themselves (e.g., “This one is wrong. Keep trying.”).

Feedback Icon. Screenshot.

The message icon will allow you to give students feedback.

You will be able to provide individual students feedback on a particular screen. You are able to edit to make changes to your feedback or delete your feedback if needed.


How to provide mulitple students feedback. GIF.

Provide feedback to multiple students.

Send feedback to multiple students at once by selecting the checkboxes above their work in the Teacher View. Click “Send” to send consecutive feedback to the selected students, or “Send and Close” to clear your selections and start fresh.

How to determine if the feedback has been seen by the student. Screenshot.

See which students have read your feedback.

Quickly scan the teacher dashboard to see where you’ve left comments, which comments have been read by your student (gray), and which comments have not yet been read (teal).


Student View

Student view of notification on feedback from teacher. Screenshot.

Make sure students log in at student.desmos.com.

If you share direct links to activities with your students, have them periodically log in at student.desmos.com to check for feedback to previously completed activities. Students who log in to Desmos to complete your activity can see your feedback whenever they log back in. If students are not logged in, any feedback you’ve sent to them will be lost when they leave the activity.

Animation of how students access teacher feedback.

Students will be able to view feedback by clicking on the message icon.

Students will be able to click on the feedback or ‘go to screen’ to move directly to the screen the feedback is based on.

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