Supported Functions

Trigonometric Functions

Function Type in...
Sine sin()
Cosine cos()
Tangent tan()
Cosecant csc()
Secant sec()
Cotangent cot()


Function Type in...
Inverse Sine arcsin()
Inverse Cosine arccos()
Inverse Tangent arctan()
Inverse Cosecant arccsc()
Inverse Secant arcsec()
Inverse Cotangent arccot()


Function Type in...
Hyperbolic Sine sinh()
Hyperbolic Cosine cosh()
Hyperbolic Tangent tanh()
Hyperbolic Cosecant csch()
Hyperbolic Secant sech()
Hyperbolic Cotangent coth()


Statistical Functions

Statistical functions require an argument in order to be used. Using table headers or lists are possibilities. In these cases, "a" is used to represent a list or table header previously defined by the user in the calculator.


Function Type in...
Total total(x_1)
Minimum min(x_1)
Maximum max(x_1)
Number of Elements count(x_1)
Average mean(x_1)
Median median(x_1)
Quantile quantile(x_1,p)
Standard Deviation stdev(x_1)
Standard Deviation Population stdevp(x_1)
Mean Absolute Deviation mad(x_1)
Variance var(x_1)
Covariance cov(x_1)
Pearson Correlation Coefficient of Two Lists corr(x_1,x_2)
Number of Combinations nCr(n,r)
Number of Permutations nPr(n,r)
Factorial n!


Miscellaneous Functions

Function Type in...
Join lists join(x_1, x_2)
Sort sort(x_1)
Unique unique()
Shuffle shuffle(x_1)
Least Common Multiple lcm()
Greatest Common Divisor gcd()
Modular mod()
Greatest Integer floor()
Least Integer ceil()
Round to Integer round()
Absolute Value abs()
Sign sign()
n-th Root nthroot
Exponential exp()
Natural Log ln()
Log base 10 log()
Log base a log_a()
Derivative with respect to x d/dx
Prime '
Integral int
Summation sum
Product prod


Constants and Variables

Identifier Type in... Value
\(π\) pi Ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter
\(𝜏\) tau Ratio of a circle’s circumference to its radius
\(e\) e Base of the natural logarithm
\(∞\) infty Infinity
width width Width of the graph paper in logical pixels
height height Height of the graph paper in logical pixels