Geometry Settings

By default, the Geometry Tool starts with a blank canvas. In the settings menu, you can turn on the grid and axes, enlarge the graph, change between degrees (the default) and radians, and more.

Screenshot of graph settings menu in the Geometry Tool.

Turn On Grid and Axes

In the settings menu, there are toggles to turn on both the Grid and the Axes. When the Grid is enabled, there’s a checkbox for displaying Minor Gridlines. Turning on the Axes will show the x and y axes as well as axis numbers. Within this section, you will see two checkboxes for Axis Numbers and Arrows.

GIF turning on and off the grid and axes in the Geometry Tool.

Lock the Viewport

To disable zooming and panning the graph paper, click on the Graph Settings wrench icon and check the “Lock Viewport” option near the bottom of the drop-down menu.

Screenshot of Graph Settings menu with an arrow pointing towards Lock Viewport.

Reveal Hidden Objects

In the Geometry Tool, you have the option to hide geometry objects. When an object is selected, press the Hide button on the Geometry Toolbar. The settings menu displays the number of hidden objects and allows you to reveal all of them at once.

GIF constructing a circle, hiding the points and the circle, and showing the reveal hidden objects button in the settings menu.

Accessibility Settings

In the settings, you can enlarge the graph and expression list by pressing the larger A. Reverse contrast inverts the colors of the Geometry Tool. Lastly, in the settings menu you can enable Braille mode, which supports Nemeth and UEB. For more information about these accessibility features and others, visit

GIF constructing a triangle using the polygon tool and showing the accessibility settings in the Geometry Tool.

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