By adding a point to the expression list, you'll automatically have the option to add a label. Turning off the point will still show the label, so you can use that text as a title or label any part of your graph.

Image of a circle with center labeled (3,5). Screenshot.

Enabling the checkbox without adding text will automatically show the coordinates of the point on the graph paper.

Image of a circle with the center (3,5) labeled as center. Screenshot

To create a text label, make sure the "Show Label" checkbox is enabled and type in the text of your choice. The graph paper will automatically update.

Image of a circle with center at (3,5) labeled as center with coordinate point toggled off.  Screenshot.

To turn off the point and show the label only, click the point icon in the expression list.


Clicking and long-holding the color icon in the expression line will open the settings menu of the plotted point. You will be able to show/hide the point, show/hide the label, make your point draggable, adjust the opacity, thickness, font size, position and angle of the label.

Point/label settings menu. Screenshot.

It's also possible to create labels on movable points.


Explore this graph here.

Animation of a graph with movable points with labels.

Dynamic Labels

If a parameter is already defined in the calculator, then the value of that variable can be used to create dynamic labeling.

If m and b are defined in the calculator, then typing ${m} and/or ${b} in any point label text areas will display the numerical values of m and b. The label will automatically update as the value of m or b changes and can be used with text to great effect.

In the example we've used `\(y =\) ${\(m\)}x + ${\(b\)}` as a point label in order to display the equation of the line in slope-intercept form as the sliders are moved.

Pro-Tip: The use of back-ticks (the button to the left of the number one on your keyboard) formats the label using math text. This can be combined with dynamic labels to display equations on the graph paper.

GIF of how to make a dynamic label. Animation.