Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator

All the computational power of our graphing calculator, just without the graph -- welcome to the Desmos Scientific Calculator!

Main Keyboard

The main keyboard of our Desmos Scientific Calculator displays the numerical keypad, basic operations, and functionality for basic trigonometry, roots, fractions, exponents, and absolute value.

Main Scientific Keyboard. Screenshot.

Qwerty and Function Keyboards

Our full Qwerty keyboard features punctuation and a pi character. You can also access more advanced trigonometric and statistical functions using our function keyboard.

Function Keyboard. Screenshot.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Many of the functions on our three different keyboards also have shortcuts available. Type ans to use the previous result in a new expression. Use forward slash (or division) to enter a fraction. Try sqrt for square roots and nthroot for cube roots and more! You can also instantly convert decimal answers into fractions.

Keyboard Shortcuts. Screenshot.


We have support for Braille in both UEB and Nemeth, as well as a reverse contrast mode to help visual accessibility. Click the wrench icon to access these features. 

Learn more about accessibility in the Desmos Math Tools.

Refreshable Braille Display. Screenshot.

Pro Tips

See how to use variables, lists, and other advanced features of our Desmos Scientific Calculator in the video!