Matrix Calculator

Matrix Calculator

Welcome to the Desmos Matrix Calculator! Start with the video to the right, and then see how deep the rabbit hole goes with some of the tips below.

Getting Started

A New Matrix Being Created. Animated.

Click “New Matrix” and then use the +/- buttons to add rows and columns. Then, type your values directly into the matrix.

Matrix With Scalar Operation and Other Basic Operations Applied. Screenshot.

Perform operations on your new matrix: Multiply by a scalar, square your matrix, find the inverse and transpose it. Note that the Desmos Matrix Calculator will give you a warning when you try to invert a singular matrix.

Next Steps

Matrix Determinant Calculation.  Animated.

You can use the Desmos Matrix Calculator to find the determinant of a square matrix.

Matrix Reduced Row Echelon Format Calculation. Animated.

You can also find the reduced row echelon format, or rref, of a matrix. This can be helpful in solving systems of equations.


Multiple Matrices

Adding and Subtracting Matrices.  Animated.

Create multiple matrices and perform operations with them. Note that the Desmos Matrix Calculator will give a warning when trying to perform an operation on matrices with incompatible dimensions.

Solving a System of Equations using multiple matrix methods. Screenshot.

Besides using rref (as shown above), you can solve a system of equations using multiple matrices in a couple of different ways . Note that you can convert decimal results into fractions just like in the Desmos Scientific Calculator.