What Accessibility features does Desmos offer?


Our mission at Desmos is to help every student learn math and love learning math. Not some students. Every student. With that in mind, we design our math tools to ensure students who are blind or visually impaired have the same opportunities as their peers to discover the joy of learning math. Read about all of our accessibility features at Desmos.

Graphing Calculator Accessibility: Text-to-Speech and Audio Trace

Accessibility Set Up. Screenshot.

Need help configuring your screen reader on a PC, Mac, or Chromebook? We've got you covered here.

Voiceover typing cos x. Screenshot.

Math-aware text-to-speech and our powerful keyboard shortcuts make entering expressions a breeze.

Audio Trace Graph. Screenshot.

Turn on audio trace to hear a single function or an entire system of equations.


Other Calculator Accessibility: Enlarge Display, Reverse Contrast, and Braille

Projector mode. Screenshot.

All of our math tools include Enlarge Display, which makes text and graphed curves larger and bolder. Access Enlarge Display by clicking on the wrench icon found in each tool.

Reverse Contrast. Screenshot.

All four Desmos calculators also include a Reverse Contrast mode, also accessible via the wrench icon.

Braille Mode Set up. Screenshot.

The wrench icon also accesses our Braille options in certain tools. We support Nemeth and UEB in our Graphing, Geometry, 3D, Four Function and Scientific Calculators!

Check out our collection of Braille examples here: desmos.com/braille-examples

Next Steps

Accessibility Page. Screenshot.

Read about all of our accessibility features at Desmos.

Watch our Accessibility Webinar to see some of these features at work, with input from both the Desmos Teaching Faculty and the Desmos Engineering team.


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