Polygon function in the function menu under misc. Screenshot.

Use polygons to create beautiful, dynamic shapes in the Desmos graphing calculator. Get started with the video above, then check out the example graph from the video as well as challenges below.

Type "polygon" in an expression line or use the polygon command in the functions menu of the Desmos keyboard.


Different ways to use the Polygon Function | Using Transformations on Polygons | Polygon Styling Options | Learn More


Different ways to use the Polygon Function

Graph showing \operatorname{polygon}\left((-2,2),(2,2),(0,-2)\right). Screenshot.

Use the polygon function with a group of coordinates that represent the vertices of a polygon.

Graph showing a polygon with mobable vertices.  Expression line 1: A=\left(-2,2\right). Expression line 2: B=\left(2,2\right). Expression line 3:C=\left(0,-2\right) . Expression line 4:\operatorname{polygon}\left(A,B,C\right) . Screenshot.

Create a polygon with movable vertices by naming the coordinate points of each vertex of the polygon.

Image of a polygon. Expression line 1: table with coordinates (-2,2),(2,2),(0,-2). Expression line 2: \operatorname{polygon}\left(x_{1},y_{1}\right).  Screenshot.

Create a polygon by creating a table containing the vertices of a polygon.


Using Transformations on Polygons

You can do transformations using the polygon functions! This example scales by a factor of 2, and translates 3 units horizontally and -4 units vertically.

Explore this graph here.

Image of a polygon and a transformation of the polygon. Expression line 1: table with coordinates (-2,2),(2,2),(0,-2). Expression line 2: \operatorname{polygon}\left(x_{1},y_{1}\right).  Expression line 3: \operatorname{polygon}\left(2\left(x_{1}+3\right),2\left(y_{1}-4\right)\right).  Screenshot.

Polygon Styling Options

Clicking and long-holding the color icon in the expression line will open the settings menu of the polygon. You will be able to show/hide the outline of the polygon, change the outline opacity and thickness, toggle the fill on/off, and adjust the fill opacity.

Image of the polygon styling menu.  Screenshot.

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