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June 2024

Hold shift to use Geometry Tokens in the Expression List

Screenshot of the Geometry calculator showing a rotation function R(x) = rotate(x, point, 90) with instructions to shift+click the polygon on the graph paper to insert the token.

Using a token in the expression list to reference a geometry object is just a click away.

When working in the expression list in the geometry tool, click on objects on the graph paper in order to use a token reference to the object in your expression.

In some situations, we have limited what objects you can click on to fit the context of the rest of the expression. Want to still use a token here? No problem! Hold down [shift] and then we’ll let you click on any geometry object you want.

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Other Fun Things

Screenshot of the supported functions article.

We updated our supported functions article! Find examples of functions to use across each of our tools. Have a question or suggestion for improvements to this page? Reach out to us at support@desmos.com

Photo of the options menu in Geometry showing 2.5 px width.

Polygon edges in the geometry tool now default to a 2.5 px width just like in the graphing calculator. Example polygon

Photo of error message for a circle in the Geometry Tool.

In error messages in geometry and 3D, you can now learn about expected argument types. Check out the new error message


May 2024

Change to Random Seeds

GIF showing the graph of the first 101 points of the sequence f(n)=f(n-1) + random([-1,1]) with base case f(0)=0. Then pressing the 'Randomize' button to change the values of the function and the graph.

We’ve upgraded random seeds to work more seamlessly with recursion by re-randomizing based on function arguments. Now you can go on a random walk with ease!

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Accessibility Updates

Photo of the color picker with green selected.

You can now navigate through colors and toggles (e.g. degree / radian, or line styles) with arrow keys.

Photo of error message for hsv() function describing the inputs required.

Error messages are in the tab order for keyboard accessibility.

Before and After screenshot comparing the old Radian to Degree toggle to the new Radian and Degree buttons.

The degrees / radians toggle in the scientific calculator has higher contrast and keyboard navigability.


Other Fun Things

  • You now have more options when complicated expressions are slow to evaluate or plot. Have an expression line that’s holding up the rest of the graph? Try editing it or deleting it to speed up everything else. Example graph
  • Across tools, there’s now a subtle indication of “minus” (more padding) vs “negative” (less padding). Example graph
  • Ellipses have a little separation to make it easier to use in lists. Example graph
  • Shift-enter will add a new line inside of notes. Example graph


April 2024

Recursion, Recursion, Recursion

Screenshot of the 6 points in the Graphing Calculator where the x-coordinate represents the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. term in the sequence and the y-coordinate is the sequence term.

Define recursive functions in the Desmos Graphing Calculator, Geometry Tool, and 3D Calculator. Get started by reading our recursion article or exploring a recursive sequence example.

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Other Fun Things

  • Set your language to either French (Canada) or French across desmos.com and in each of our tools.
  • Search the expression list to find all labels, even those that don’t show on the graph. Example graph
  • You can now select error message text in tooltips. Try copying and pasting the error message into a note in this example graph.


February 2024

2023 Art Contest Winners Announced!

Collage of 2023 Art Contest winning graphs.

We were blown away by the artistry, care, and ingenuity on display this year. Choosing just 100 graphs was nearly impossible, but we expect you’ll be as inspired by them as we are. As you explore the gallery, be on the lookout for the small details and bits of magic you’ll find scattered throughout artist statements and notes.

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Explore Perspective in 3D

Animation showing a cylinder in 3D when translucent and reverse contrast has been selected from the graphs settings menu and showing how moving the perspective slider changes the graph.

In Desmos 3D, you'll now find a perspective slider in the settings menu. Explore how to change the view of the 3D cube from orthographic to perspective by opening the graph to the right.

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January 2024

D.I.Y. 3D Games with Clickable Objects!

A 3D graph with a sphere, a green up arrow, and a red down arrow. The GIF shows when you press the green up button the sphere moves up the z-axis by one unit and when you press the red down button moves the sphere down one unit on the z-axis

3D now has clickable objects! You can run actions by clicking on objects in 3D like you can in the 2D and geometry calculators.

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Interval Values ‘for’ a Parameter

Image of points along a circle and creating a circular surface with 'for.'

In the calculator, you can now plug multiple values for a parameter into an equation in one line. To do so, type the word ‘for’ to generalize the parameter with a list or an interval.

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Other Fun Things

  • 3D graphs that use many spheres or triangles are now a whole lot faster. See, for example, Sphere Quantization by Jason H.
  • Control the movement of the 3D cube with your keyboard! While focused on the cube (use the shortcut CTRL + ALT + P on PC), arrow keys will rotate and tilt the cube. Read more about keyboard shortcuts at desmos.com/3dshortcuts.


November 2023

🎵 Make Music and Sound Effects in Desmos

Explore the new tone expression to create sound in the Desmos Graphing Calculator, Desmos Geometry Tool, and Desmos 3D.

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Other Fun Things

  • Use desmos.com/diagnostics to send us an automatically generated report that will help diagnose what might be going wrong with any of the Desmos Tools.


September 2023

Introducing DESMOS 3D!

Jump into a new dimension of math with Desmos 3D! Explore connections between 2D curves and 3D surfaces. Now in Beta at desmos.com/3D.

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July 2023

Vectors in Desmos Geometry

GIF created in Desmos Geometry creating one vector with the Geometry Toolbar and one with the vector function the adding the two together.

Our Geometry Tool now includes vectors you can compute with in the expression list! Check it out at the links below. (Bonus: What do you notice about the vector tokens in the token navigator as you move the vector around?)

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Reveal Hidden Geometry Objects

GIF showing how to reveal hidden objects in the Geometry Settings menu, then permanently showing some of the hidden objects.

You can now temporarily reveal hidden objects from the settings menu in Desmos Geometry. Find the checkbox in the settings menu.

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May 2023

New and Improved: Desmos Geometry

Our next generation Geometry Tool is here! Construct and explore with the power of the graphing calculator built in. Now at desmos.com/geometry.

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April 2023

Switch to a Logarithmic Scale

Gif showing points on a curved graph changing to points approximating a line by turning on Logarithmic scale for the x and y axes.

Visualize data across many orders of magnitude by setting either axis, or both, to a logarithmic scale. Open the settings menu and navigate to ‘more options’ to get started.

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February 2023

Visualize Lists in a Table

Screenshot showing a list L with elements 1 through 10. Below is a table where the first column is L and the second column is L^2.

The first column in a table can now be externally defined. Try it out in the graph to the right. Change the values in the list L and watch how the table changes.

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January 2023

Substitute Values ‘with’ Expressions and Lists

Screenshot of two parabolas with the formula f(x)=ax^2+bx+c. There are 3 sliders for a=1, b=1, and c=1. Then, f(x) is graphed with b=-1 showing the graph shifted to the right by 1.

You can now use our substitution feature to replace any variable in an expression with a constant value, another variable expression, or a list. You'll find the 'with' substitution function under 'advanced features' in the function keypad.

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Introducing Desmos Studio PBC

Hello from Desmos Studio!

In the spring of 2022, Desmos Inc. split into two entities. Desmos Classroom joined Amplify Education and Desmos Studio remained independent.

Here at Desmos Studio, we now focus all of our energy on building the most equitable, accessible, powerful, and delightful tools for exploring mathematics. This What’s New page is dedicated to sharing updates with you about all of those math tools.

For a complete change-log of calculator updates (including those prior to 2022), visit our API docs.

Happy Graphing,

The Desmos Studio Team